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Crystal Healing & Intuitive Crystal Ally Card Readings

 Anahata Roach is a certified Crystal Resonance Therapist . She completed over 500 hours of study in physics, anatomy, and mineralogy as well as 25 practicum sessions prior to receiving her certification from healer and author Naisha Ashian. 

Leaving a career in corporate communication and marketing, Anahata awakened with a purpose -- to serve as a healer, teacher and conduit for universal love. In the teachings of Naisha Ahsian, author of The Book of Stones, she found the blend of science and intuitive guidance that she had been seeking. Following a 12-month, 500-hour Crystal Resonance Therapy TM course with Naisha, she received her certification in March, 2011.

As a certified Crystal Resonance Therapist, Anahata acts as your guide and your toolbox as you assume your own power to heal, explore, and balance all aspects of your being through this powerful energy treatment. During a CRT™ session, crystals and stones, sound vibration, and other sources of energy are used to engage the client’s energy field and physical body in a state of resonance with the Earth’s natural electro-magnetic field. The client experiences warmth, well being, and a sense of release from limiting patterns and blockages. Often, clients report a sense of expanded consciousness and connection to their spiritual guides.

Anahata not only offers her Crystal Healing Session but Intuitive Readings using crystal & stone cards for guidance, clarity & balance.

Tuesdays 1 pm - 6pm and every 1st Sunday 1 pm - 5 pm