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Psychic Juliana

Juliana is a sixth-generation, natural-born intuitive psychic, clairsentient, empath, and tarot card reader. Juliana has more than 20 years of experience reading for people around her and professionally. Juliana can help with love, relationships, business questions, financial outlook, Juliana helps with career making decisions guiding people to decisions in their path that put them on their ultimate life journey. Juliana can also give pet readings and has the ability to connect and assist with your pet, whether they are here or crossed over. Juliana is the niece of Hollywood great Gloria Swanson, who encouraged her gifts from a very young age. In her teens, Juliana was reading professionally for movie stars that were of the Silver Screen era who were friends with her Aunt Gloria Swanson. Juliana’s readings are tempered with compassion, caring guidance, honesty in every reading. She enjoys helping people and guiding their path to new beginnings. When you are looking to find when an event will take place in your life and you need a timeline, Juliana is here to help, with time windows to help you know what to expect. Juliana is like a trusted friend you can trust for guidance from beyond what is in front of you daily. Through her Spirit Guides and receptive understanding, Juliana is able to connect with heartfelt emotion with everyone she speaks to. This deep bonding enables her to feel what weighs heaviest on your heart and mind, allowing Juliana to offer solutions and insight. A reading with Juliana will enrich your life and bring you peace and inner harmony