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Close up copyRune Castings

Available every 4th Friday, 5 pm – 8pm.

Come into Mystic Valley on the 4th Friday of every month from 5 pm to 8 pm for a Rune Cast.

Runes are an ancient Western Oracle dating back over 3,000 years. They are liken to its eastern counterparts; Tarot and I Ching, and often associated with Celtic Lore, Vikings and the Norse Gods.

Just as the Vikings used Rune stones to navigate their voyages, Rune symbols can be consulted to reveal hidden inner knowledge or Divine messages for modifying your own life journey.

A Rune Casting is very individualized. A participant will consult their own Oracle, pull or cast the Runes that call to them unto the table and Mystic Valley’s Runemal Master, Jené Hinojosa Costello, will assist in interpreting the symbolic revelations.

Runes are very much in the present. An issue can be explored, a question can be asked or guidance can be received to help you move forward in life.

Runes can also be very helpful in relationships. Two people caring for each other can turn to the Rune stones to find a voice to buried feelings or unearth guidance for both parties which can aide in sorting out messages needed to be shared. Relationship Cast examples: Couples – Family Members – Friends – Neighbors

Jené has been a disciple of casting Runes for over 40 years. She began decoding the runic alphabet through independent study and correspondence with fellow runemal practitioners. After her in-depth relationship with her Rune Oracle she began casting Runes for the service of others.

15 minutes – $25
30 minutes – $40
Relationship Cast – $40

In the words of the last known Icelandic Rune Masters; Gud Blessic Thig – God Bless Thee.