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Bree Ferrario

BreeBree Ferrario of is an Intuitive Response Consultant, which combines her skills as a Dream Analyst, award-winning Certified Consulting Hypnotist, Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner and Tarot Consultant. During the “80s”, Bree discovered her talent for the Tarot while working as the Secretary to the Director of a barge line. In the break room, she would give predictions to co-workers about upcoming events. As they came true, more people consulted with her, including the Director and Vice President of the company. Over the years, Presidents, CEOs, and owners of businesses have consulted with Bree regarding their professional and personal lives. From 12/1/92 through 8/28/96, Bree conducted private tarot readings, dream interpretation consultations and taught dream analysis classes at Mystic Valley. She returned to Mystic Valley in 2008 to share her intuition and insight, interpret your nightly adventures into your subconscious, and assist you in receiving the guidance needed to live your life to the fullest. It’s all about Self Power, perceiving the wisdom within.

Available Tuesday thru Friday, 4th Saturdays, and the 1st Sundays. Call for specific times 314-645-3336