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June 2017

Important dates to remember:
Psychic Fair
June10th, 2017, 11 am – 5 pm
15 minute readings for $20
Midwest Crystal Fest
June 10th – 11th, 2017
Pleasant Ridge Park, Fairview Heights, IL

Rough pieces of Sunstone~

Crystal of the Month: Sunstone!
Summer is just around the corner, and that means sun and relaxation. It is the time to melt away the stress of life, bask in the warmth of enriching energies, and have some fun! Just as the summer sun is giving us brightness, warmth, and positivity, there is a crystal that would love to join you out in the sun and in the good energies: Sunstone!
Just as its namesake, Sunstone brings a brightness and warmth into our lives. It can emanate rich, positive energies, assist in lifting dark moods, and restores a sweetness to life ~. It’s wonderful for removing “hooks” that may attach themselves from people around us who are draining to our energy.
Sunstone is a terrific crystal when it comes to bringing confidence and courage, as well. The crystal can melt away self-doubt and fears, as well as kindling the energies of leadership, self-discipline, and inspiration ~. It reminds you to assume responsibility instead of getting lost in power.
Sunstone can also aid in physical matters, including warming the body to aid in digestion and vitality ~.
It’s important to note with summer on its way, the Summer Solstice is also approaching. Use Sunstone on the day of Summer Solstice, and the energies will help bring about greater abundance and manifestation.
Whether it’s a nice vacation or a day under the sun, or even a relaxing day inside, Sunstone will be a great addition to your summer fun!

Polished Sunstone ~

~ Information taken from The Book of Stones by Robert Simmons, Naisha Ahsian, & contributions by Hazel Raven, and from The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall
Books and crystals available for purchase at Mystic Valley!





Consultant in the Spotlight!
~ Dan Bellini ~
Dan has been providing Reiki healing, Shamanic healing, Medium services, and Chi-Gong for over ten years, and has been providing his services at Mystic Valley for three years.
Dan was born with his gifts, and at the age of seventeen he studied Metaphysical and Self-Help subjects in an attempt to search for a feeling that was just out of reach. Unaware of his gifts, Dan struggled with the intensity of the gifts and turned to drugs for relief for five years. Upon reaching rock bottom, Dan went cold turkey and moved onto a path that would change his life.
Moving to South California, Dan met his mentor, Gabrielle, and she gave him the lineage of Shamanic Healing by the Maori Tribe in New Zealand, Aboriginals in Australia, Chi-Gong (Qigong) energy techniques, and Reiki from the Buddhist Monks. Over seven years of training with her, Dan now provides his wisdom and services here at Mystic Valley.

What exactly do these services provide? If you suffer from depression, anxiety, insomnia, muscle soreness, joint pain, low energy, have trouble letting go of the past, forgiveness, acceptance of yourself or others, need or want to be more open and need some spiritual guidance, these services Dan provides will be of great assistance for you! He incorporates all of his services and gifts into one session, so the client receives the utmost healing and care!

Interested in booking an appointment? Dan is at Mystic Valley Wednesday – Sunday. Call 314-645-3336 for specific times and to book an appointment!


Midwest Crystal Fest!
It’s that time again for another crystal show! Mystic Valley will be a part of this show this year, and we’re eager to see you all there!
The FREE event is taking place June 10th – 11th in Pleasant Ridge Park in Fairview Heights, IL, numerous vendors will be taking part in the festivities! After an opening ceremony at 10 am, there will be events to take part in, including a Children’s Crystal Hunt, Kind Kundalini Yoga with SiriAtma Kuar, Drum Circle, Shruti Nadis with Thom Palazolla, a closing ceremony at 5 pm with Wild Bird Sanctuary releasing a rehabilitated bird, and more!
Come join us for live music, food vendors, crystals, energy workers, readers, and tons of fun!


Besides heading on into summer and with all the festivities to come, June also brings the time to celebrate our fathers! On June 18th, 2017, fathers will get their special day, and Mystic Valley is happy to join in the celebration our fathers deserve. Whether it’s crystals, a session with one of our consultants, or giving him one of our delicious cannoli, you’ll be able to find everything at Mystic Valley to treat your father!

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