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December 2016

Crystal of the Month: Emerald and Ruby
The holidays are finally here! It’s time to be merry and absorb all the good energies that this time of year brings us! Whatever brings you joyful, spiritual energy, here at Mystic Valley we’re eager to share in the festivities with you; which is why this month we are featuring two beautiful crystals that can certainly provide that Christmas cheer: Emerald and Ruby!


Emerald and Ruby pieces ~

As one of the most well known green stones, and the birthstone of May, emerald is our emotional and heart healer. As a symbol of rebirth and love, the stone could assist in developing trust that the Universe will provide for all of one’s needs, as well as providing true appreciation for all of one’s experiences and creations ~; which may be a thought that many feel filling their heads as a new year, with new opportunities, slowly approaches us.


Ruby pieces ~

As a popular red stone, and the birthstone of July, Ruby is the stone for anxiety and having faith in oneself. If you find yourself struggling to feel that Christmas spirit, Ruby can offer the joy of being in the physical world and help one feel more engaged in life ~. The color red is known for being powerful and courageous, and with ruby at your side you can let go of past traumas and leap forward to move on.

Let emerald and ruby join you in the Christmas celebration and let the cheerful energies embrace you! And with a new year right around the corner there’s nothing but wonderful, new things bound to happen! Merry Christmas from Mystic Valley!

~Information taken from The Book of Stones by Robert Simmons, Naisha Ahsian, & contributions by Hazel Raven
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Herbs and Aromatherapy of Winter!
Keeping in tune with the holiday themes, two of the most well known herbs for this time of year goes to Frankincense and Myrrh. Besides being mentioned in the Bible as gifts to baby Jesus, the two herbs go well beyond being just gifts.


Frankincense ~

As an oil, frankincense is used in anointing and to bring blessings. When the herb is burned, it uplifts the area, drives out negative forces, provides protection, and assists in freeing one from obsessions ~.


Myrrh ~

When Myrrh is in an oil, it is considered a sacred ointment and a powerful guard against evil when anointed on the temples. When burned, the herb purifies the area, creates peace, and aids in meditation ~. With Myrrh, however, it is rarely burned alone. Often, it is burned with Frankincense, and together as an oil or burned they create a great influence for healing, protection, and often seen used in baptism ~

While they appear as simple gifts when presented to Jesus, the two herbs actually hold much greater meaning. Frankincense and Myrrh have a lot to offer and can certainly be lovely gift for anyone.


~Information taken from Golden Secrets of Mystic Oils by Anna Riva – and Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs by Scott Cunningham
Mystic Valley is not a pharmacy, nor can we help with diagnosis for an ailment. The herbs and oils we provide are meant as an aid, not a cure. Make sure to use the herb or oil correctly. For serious matters, please consult with your doctor.



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