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This weeks consultant schedule. 314-645-3336 MONDAY: Ellen/Tarot 11am-4pm. Julie Marie Psychic/Medium 12pm-7:30pm TUESDAY: Bree Psychic/Tarot/Hypnosis 11am-6pm. Anahata Intuitive Crystal Oracle/Reiki 12pm-7pm. Shirley John of God Crystal Bed Healing 11am-5pm WEDNESDAY: Dan Reiki energetic healing 11am-7pm. Christi Rose Medium 11am-4:30pm Bree Psychic/Tarot/Hypnosis 11am-6pm THURSDAY: Susan clairvoyant tarot 12pm-5pm. Dan Reiki Energetic Healing 11am-7pm. Bree Psychic/tarot/hypnosis 11am-5pm. Christi Rose Medium 11am-4:30pm FRIDAY: HALLOWEEN PSYCHIC FAIR!!!!!!! 5pm-9pm. Dan Reiki Energetic Healing 11am-7pm. Mimi Reflexology 2pm-7pm. Bree Psychic/Tarot/Hypnosis 11am-9pm SATURDAY: Dan Reiki Energetic Healing 11am-7pm. Bree Psychic/Tarot/Hypnosis 11am-5pm SUNDAY: Dan Reiki Energetic Healing Consultant Schedule 10/27-11/02 12pm-5pm. Bree Psychic/Tarot/Hypnosis 12pm-5pm Have an amazing week!!!!! :-)


Hope everyone is doing well. Don’t forget our halloween psychic fair is in one week. Today we have Dan in doing energy healing. Bree is in doing tarot/psychic readings. Both are taking appointments until 5pm 314-645-3336. We hope to see you soon and we wish you a fantastic weekend

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